My name is John Westhoff. Friends call me Jeffrey for short. Online I like the usernames JohnBot and JohnathonNow.
I am a senior Computer Science major at the University of Notre Dame, living in Stanford Hall (pictured above). I currently serve as the mascot secretary for the Notre Dame Linux Users Group, and they’re the ones who started calling me Jeffrey.

My current life plans are to graduate, start a PhD program somewhere in the north east, and eventually become a professor. My technical areas of interest include robotics and automation, machine learning, programming languages, really high level stuff, really low level stuff, and just about everything in between. If I had the time and money, I’d really like to design a processor, make a language and a compiler for the processor, and eventually write an operating system for the processor. Since I can’t really do that, I just work on random little things all the time. More recently, I have become torn between two primary areas of research: systems and NLP.

When I’m not writing code, I tend to my diverse hobbies. I like video games, and I play a wide variety of them when I have the time. I’ve been trying to pick up wood working, and when I’m home I spend a lot of time in the garage trying to turn things on my lathe. My girlfriend breezy is my inspiration for a lot of what I do. We started referring to ourselves as the CSE Power Couple, and we have worked on some cool projects together.