I haven’t really worked on anything I felt was worth posting here, but I really don’t want to have gone an entire half year with no blog post. So, I figured I’d do a write-up of everything I have done since I last posted, mostly with the intent of it being a reminder that I actually did stuff.


So I’ve been working the past few months at a real job, where I have no idea what I’m allowed to talk about, so I will talk about nothing.


Because of the aforementioned work, I haven’t really had the energy for side projects. I’d like to get back into some though.

Goofing Off

My RuneScape man is making some good progress. He has 99 crafting now, so he can teleport to a bank. Because that makes sense.

My desktop computer is now a briefcase. This is because I moved across the country and took it on an airplane.

A picture of a deskbecause top computer built into a briefcase.

It could use some work, namely, I’d love some ventilation for it so I can use it while it is closed. But for now it works well.

I also replaced its cooler with a 360mm AIO that was on sale.

An Idea

I want to make some accessible games. I’m thinking hag could use a language model to generate descriptions of rooms, which could then be used with a TTS program. Additionally, a multiplayer top down shooter where no players can see but instead rely on TTS could be interesting.


I was recently given an Iris keyboard. It is a split keyboard with 52 keys and 2 encoders in my configuration. I have had it for three days, and am making steady progress. On any old qwerty keyboard I can do 80-90 WPM with my “pretty much typing correctly but cheating on my right hand a lot” method. On my first day with the Iris I was doing 11 WPM. On the second, 31, and today, 44. I am considering switching back to cheating with my right hand, because my fingers on my right hand hate moving separately and so it really hurts to use more than just my index and middle fingers on that hand.

Otherwise I love the keyboard. It feels like I am on a spaceship. I got the Box Jades switches (I like clicky switches and miss them from the Kailh Browns I was using). I also bought Box Pinks due to a misunderstanding on my part, so if I wanted to play around I could. It has steel plates, which add some nice heft and look great with the RGB lights and the cheap pudding keycaps I put on.

A picture of a split keyboard with a rainbow of glowing keys.

Right now everything is its default. I will definitely be changing things, but I am not settled on a layout. I enjoy using the encoders with my thumbs. It is just very satisfying. Everything feels satisfying, really. I just hope I don’t drive my coworkers insane.

Oh and btw I bought a house.

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