Microsoft Teams allows you to message a channel by sending an email to a certain address. This is great unless you are at a corporation that appends some boilerplate to all outgoing emails. Then it is frustrating and sad.

The problem

It is very easy to automate sending a message on teams - you can actually just send an email. We use this on my team to automatically send update notes when we promote to production. There was one simple problem - our company has an email gateway that automatically appends some legalize to every email sent out of the company’s domain. This is pretty common, with it often saying something about the email potentially having sensitive information and if you’re not the intended receiver please delete it, etc. So it was very unwelcome that this text was appearing with our release notes.

The hack

The solution to this is simultaneously quite elegant while also a totally gross hack - append an open script tag to the email you are sending to Teams. That is, make sure your email ends with <script>, and then boom, no more legalize super-glued to your Teams message! It makes sense that this would work - Teams is probably santizing the HTML from the email and removing all script tags, but it is very funny that this works. I tried with some other less scary tags but didn’t have further success.

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