The content of this website is on GitHub here. A nifty feature about GitHub are its Webhooks.

I wanted to be able to add content here without having to SSH into my server, cd-ing into the www directory, git pulling, and makeing, as those steps are tedious. So, I set up a GitHub webhook to POST to a PHP page on the server. The basic form of this PHP page is just:


Where is just a script that pulls and makes the site.
Now, GitHub also allows you to set a secret, which allows you to secure the page against malicious actors. For this application, I find that a bit overkill (I figure the worst they can do is DOS me). Instead, I opted for rate limiting, as it is simpler to implement.

Now, whenever I push to my repo, my server will automatically pull and recompile the site, which is pretty neat.

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Part of a series on Automation.

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