The rollercoaster of game jamming continues with our March entry.

Yes, Deer.


Emil and I recruited a third to join our party to take on Dungeon Crawler Jam 2024, a3qz. The three of us discussed what we wanted out of a game, and were floating ideas of a cutesy game where the core mechanic was cooking. When one of the themes of the jam was revealed to be Cosmic Horror, our ideas were horribly corrupted, and we ended up creating a very-much-not cutesy cooking game, despite my best wishes.

Trials and Tribulations

Nothing broke as far as we can tell this time! We had our usual setbacks with Godot corrupting random things, but the final rush at the end was purely for game content and not for anything else. Also SOMEONE stopped contributing after the first weekend and then dissappeared for a week, so that was a small setback, but we still got a pretty respectable entry out.

Continued Progress

I think this one has a very solid foundation. It and Spydentity Crisis could very much become actual games. I do think we’d do a major story re-write if we keep going, and that’s kind of a big if.

Lessons Learned

We definitely need to make something for designing 3D levels in Godot - the default tooling is just way too frustrating to use in practice.

Play on


210 but will probably keep stayign up until 8am making games few (if any) people will ever play again in a month and I’m starting to wish someone would stop me

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