Just a place to mess around with the most current version of my AI Game.

;;;;A demo for driving a little car robot ;;define the IDs of the six wheels (def lf (part# 3) ;the left front wheel is the third part of the robot rf (part# 4) ;the right front wheel is the fourth lm (part# 5) ;the left middle is the fifth rm (part# 6) ;right middle lb (part# 7) ;left back rb (part# 8) ;right back ) (def gs (part# 9)) ;define gyroscope ;;define two helper functions for controlling the robot like a tank ;;each take a speed in the range [-1, 1] (def left (fun '(speed) (do (lf speed) (lm speed) (lb speed))) right (fun '(speed) (do (rf speed) (rm speed) (rb speed)))) ;;define the function that gets called every iteration of the game loop ;;it must be called run - it must take no arguments, ;;and it can alter global state (def run (fun '() (do ;;spin fast (left 1) (right 1) ) (log (+ "Gyro: " (gs))) )))

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